My latest project is a pillow for my partner in the Pillow Talk Swap 7.  I've been admiring the pillows coming from this group for quite some time and was able to get in on the fun this round.
My pillow is a pattern called Wheel of Fortune which was published in the Kansas City Star in the 1930's.  I love that the newspaper had a free weekly quilt pattern!

My partner likes blues, greys, greens and burgundy reds so I put this together.  I used some of my favorite Japanese fabrics and text prints for this one.  I'm not usually drawn to this color combo but I was surprised to realize it matches the colors in my living/dining room.
I'm not sure yet how I will quilt it but since taking these photos, I have added the border in a dark charcoal which sets off the block nicely. 


  1. What a great pattern, show some things never change. Colours are very calm and rather dignified together!

  2. Great pattern brought to life with your fabulous colour and fabric selection! They are dignified aren't they?

  3. That IS a wonderful pattern. I also think you picked great fabrics. Thanks for showing the pattern. It's neat to see the start as well as the finish!

  4. Once again, when I saw the newspaper pattern I thought "eh -- take it or leave it!' Then I saw what you did with it with your killer instincts for fabric selection and -- SWOON!! I need to stalk, um, I mean STUDY your work. Your brights have so much more zing the way you use them, sprinkled amongst the neutrals, and the gray is just perfect. I keep buying bright, loud, strongly colored fabrics because they call my name and beg to come home with me, but then I put them all together in the same quilt and we need sunglasses to look at the damn thing!

  5. This is amazing. I can't believe, well I can, that they gave away patterns in newspapers like that back in the 1930's. I've just been reading the first book in the series Elm Creek Quilts and it is full of so much information I have been blown away. Now your blog is doing the same. Thank you so much.
    Patti xxx

  6. P.S. I love your house in the new Fat Quarter magazine. It's one of my favorites. You have to make more stuff please.


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