Too many projects, too little time.....

I love to make things and dabble in all kinds of crafty mediums
but lately it has been all about sewing.

Maybe it is because I have a dedicated place to sew. Luc is sharing a room with Liam now so I have the third bedroom to use as my office and studio space. I've been back to the jewelry studio at Danaca Design but I'm not feeling the love for the jewelry thing. I'm sure it can be attributed to not having a jewelry studio at home. I did at the old house and it was so nice to start a project, leave it on my bench, and come back to it at my leisure. I do love the overall relaxed and creative energy as well as the adult interaction and friends that I've made at the studio. Maybe I'm creatively fickle. Maybe I've just been enjoying making things for myself and the boys?!

I did figure out what to do with this. This is the beginnings of a quilt made with small squares all out of vintage fabric from the 30's.
I've spent the last few nights taking it apart getting it ready to use for the project.

I saw this image and had an aha moment. The squares I have are small (approx 3" x 3")
and I knew this would be the perfect use for all those lovely squares. I found a great website here that explains the history as well as the technique.

The technique is English paper piecing and the pattern is called Grandmother's flower garden. It is done entirely by hand which speaks to my love of intricate details and handcrafted items.

I'm also working on some p.j's for the boys, new pillow covers for our bed as well as some clothes for myself. I can't complain, life is good and I'm looking forward to finishing some projects!!

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