Heaven on Earth

Eden Ranch
An old house Jay and I made an offer on. We can't wait to start the renovation.
Ha ha - just kidding. Though.....you know we are obsessed with old houses!

Yes, you all know what this is. Only a city girl would love a pic of a hay bale!

Cutie Primo.

Cutie Segundo with my mom.
It has been about a month ago that I, along with the boys and my parents made the pilgrimage to Chesaw. We went to visit my brother Paul and his family and meet my new nephew Cayden. We also went to spread my brother Miles' ashes. The last time I visited was about 10 years ago with Jay. I didn't remember how incredibly beautiful the area is. Chesaw is in North Eastern Washington about 30 minutes from the Canadian border. Rolling hills, farm land, big open spaces. It is truly heaven on earth. We stayed at the Eden Ranch an incredibly beautiful place with the sweetest little cabins. Many of the cabins and the main lodge (which is pictured) are sided with the boards from historic buildings that were beyond repair.
Robin, the owner, is a warm and wonderful host.
I was hoping to get back for another visit before the mountain passes close, but we will have to see! I have more pics of my brothers cabin, which he built himself, as well as pictures of my adorable little nephew. Heaven on Earth part deux coming soon! Ta ta for now!

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