The Splendid Sampler "Hearts a Flutter" ~ And an applique tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  I am so happy to share my version of Pat Sloan's first block for the Splendid Sampler ~ "Hearts a Flutter".  It is a fun block which combines both piecing and appliqué.
Be sure to head over to TheSplendidSampler. com for the link to Pat's lovely block pattern!

I used a prized piece of Suzuko Koseki fabric for the heart.  It was fun to fussy cut the image and I was able to fit most of the word "LOVE" on the heart  : )

Fabrics used in the block are:
Red Floral ~ Flower Bouquet Collection by Lecien
Pink Dot ~  Lakehouse Favorites

I cheated a bit on my appliqué and used Dritz Fusible Bonding Web to create a turned edge instead of needle turning the edge.  It adds a bit more bulk, but is a faster way to get a nice clean edge.

Let's get started!

1) I used Dritz Fusible bonding web for Medium Fabrics.  You can find it HERE
Trace the heart onto the fusible web using a pencil or water soluble pen.

  Place the web on your fabric with the fabric right side up.
***This is a great opportunity to fussy cut the heart.
The web is shear so you can see exactly where the heart will be!***

Pin in place.

2) Trim beyond the marked line 1/4"

3) Stitch on the line back tacking at end.
 Clip around the curve. Clip into the top inside corner close to the stitching. 
 Clip the bottom point close to the stitching. 

Cut a slit in the fusible bond approximately 1" from the stitching on both ends.

4)  Carefully turn the heart right side out gently pushing out the edge. Finger Press. 

5) Place the heart on the pieced block and iron in place.  Machine Edge stitch or Hand stitch the heart to the block.

Be sure to tag your blocks with the hashtag TheSplendidSampler if you share on Instagram.
I can't wait to see your blocks!

Happy Sewing


  1. Thanks for this post, I'm new to applique so I will try this method!

  2. Gracias por esta técnica me parece genial!!! Saludos desde México...

  3. I have already made my block BUT who says I can't make another???? You instructions seem very straight forward and easy to follow. thank you!!!!

  4. I learned how to do this with the first applique I ever did (a Dresden plate sampler block) but, I'd forgotten it completely. Thanks for reminding me. Super easy to do.

  5. A different take on applique, I might give it a try!

  6. Thank you so much for your easy to follow instructions. I just printed off my block pattern. Going to use your method and hand stitch around the heart.

  7. This is my go to way to do applique.

  8. This seems so much easier than needle turned! I'll try this for the next appliqué block!

  9. Pretty block,and a great tutorial!

  10. Pretty block,and a great tutorial!

  11. Pretty block and your tutorial is great. So much better than fusing and blanket stitching the raw edge. I will be giving it a try.

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! I love your block. This is the way I originally learned to applique. Thanks for the reminder :)

  13. Thank you. ..will try this method

  14. Thank you. ..will try this method

  15. Great idea, Charise!! I am going to make mine this way!!

  16. Thank you for the easy to follow applique method. Picked up my supplies today. Can't wait!

  17. GREAT tutorial! So very easy to follow! I have skipped any and all appliqué projects because they seemed too daunting. Thank you for making it simple!

  18. did not have a clue how to applique the heart till I found your tutorial thankyou so much you have made it so clear I can now finish my block

  19. Thank you for the tutorial. I've been doing a lot of blanket stitching but will definitely apply this technique in one of my next challenges. This is an excellent opportunity to build on skills. The blanket stitch technique has not been completely mastered but all the different techniques provide visual exploration! ~

  20. So after I sew the heart on to the block can I iron it?

  21. Sorry, after rereading I saw the answer to my question. Time for bed.


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