The Splendid Sampler ~ "Happy, Happy" & a Circle Appliqué Tutorial

Hello and Happy Thursday.
Today I am sharing my version of Jen Kingswell's block Happy, Happy.
I have been a big fan of Jen's work for some time and it was such fun to make her block.
You can find the pattern [HERE]

I adore this block but I will admit once I printed out the pattern I thought - " my, those are some tiny circles".  The larger circle is nickel sized and the small one is a bit smaller than a dime.
Don't fret - I have a tutorial to make this completely doable!

I personally love a challenge and I put on my "thinking cap" to figure out the best way to appliqué this tiny circles.
I am by no means an expert at appliqué but I have used the technique in a few of my sewing projects with larger circles.

 I used appliqué to create the flower on this Blossom Appliqué handbag.

Applique is the technique I used to create the center on this block from my Vintage Block Sew Along.

OK... Let's Get Started!


Card Stock (you can also use copy paper but card stock will give you a crisper, cleaner edge.
and you can easily re-use the template)
Paper scissors
Spray Starch
Hand Sewing Needle
Fabric Glue Stick
Fabric Scissors

1) Print out the pattern onto card stock. Carefully cut out the circle.

2) Apply glue to the back of the circle. Place the circle on the wrong side of the fabric.
***This is a perfect opportunity to fussy cut a motif on your circle*** 

3) Cut around the circle leaving 3/16" - 1/4" seam allowance.

4) Stitch around the circle with a running stitch with the stitches approximately 1/8" apart

5) Pull up the thread, gathering the seam allowance around the circle.  Secure the stitching.
Dip the q-tip in spray starch and apply to the perimeter of the circle on the seam allowance.
Press the seam allowance flat.

6) Remove the stitching and the paper circle, and press again from the back and front.
Now you are ready to appliqué the circle to your Happy, Happy block!

Connecting threads has a good video tutorial for appliqué [HERE].  They use silk thread, but cotton thread works well, too.  I like Aurifil 50 wt thread cotton thread.




  1. Thank you!! I love this method.....very well written and easy to follow!

  2. Really cool! Thanks! Your work always look beautiful! ☺❤

  3. Really cool! Thanks! Your work always look beautiful! ☺❤

  4. very adorable.. are you putting stabilizer behind the embroidered area?? I was thinking to fuse then hand stitch the flower circles down with a fancy stitch yet to be determined :)

  5. Thankyou for the tutorial! And love your interpretation of the block 💜

  6. Your block is wonderfull. And thanks for the tutorial.

  7. this is the method I have used, but "secure the stitching" does cause me trouble. I usually just hold the end of the thread tightly with one hand while I try to press with the other. :-D Love to know how to secure it where it stays tight.

  8. Great tutorial! I am so pleased with how mine turned out. I'm totally new to appliqué, embroidery and samplers, so this was very helpful!

  9. I saw someone on Fons and Porter use the circle sticker shapes that you can buy at the office supply store. They come in different sizes but they may be bigger than needed for this project. Saves cutting out little circles.


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