Amy's Maker Quilt

This week has been all about finishing projects. 
Amy's "Maker" quilt was close to being finished but needed a few finishing touches.  

A little background on the quilt ~ Amy, Melinda and myself decided to do a round robin quilting bee.
Amy sent the Zipper and Sewing Machine block to Melinda who added the needle, stitch and thimble blocks.  She then sent it to me to add my blocks and send it back to Amy.

*** I have added links to the blocks that are available at the bottom of the post ***

I made three blocks for Amy - the scissors, "SEW" and the iron.  I'm not sure how Amy
is going to assemble the blocks, but I wanted to fill up the last bit of space in the quilt.

After a bit of ruminating on the layout, I decided a trio of notions jars would be perfect.  I used the jars from my Jam Jars and Fruit pattern and enlarged them to fit Amy's Quilt.
The yellow print is one of my favorites -  An out of print Japanese fabric by designer Kumiko Fujita.  It was fun to find the perfect text to include on the jar. 
The Buttons fabric is a Japanese print from Suzuko Koseki.
The labels were made by designing them on the computer and then printing them onto printable cotton fabric sew in fabric.

It was fun to collaborate with the very talented Melinda and Amy.



  1. Cute, will there be a pattern?

  2. These blocks are just amazing. Love them!!

  3. What a fun quilt!! I love all the components!! And the fabric you used is so fun too!! :-) Hugs, H


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