Farmer's Wife Friday ~ Anne and April

Happy Friday!   Hope your week was a good one : )
It is time to share blocks from the Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Along.

I decided to sew along since I love making these blocks so much!

This week Kerry shared her Anne and April blocks.  You can find her post [HERE]
Here are my versions:  

April is a straightforward block - very easy to sew.
To make it a bit easier to get the colored pieces in the right place, I color coded the pattern with colored pencils.  There are lots of little pieces and this made things much easier.

I think this is my favorite so far - the fabrics work so well together.
I used Pink Penguins Lighthearted fabric for the center apple and blue/green sections.  
The background dot is Moda Basics.  I love the gingham but can't remember where it is from.

Anne is another straight forward block to sew. 

I used an older Connecting Threads print for the floral from the "Hope Chest" line, the yellow/white print is Glamping from Moda.  The dot background is another perfect dot in pink from Moda Basics.

I think this one would be such a fun quilt as a single block repeated for the entire quilt.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I really like the dots as a "solid" - I may have to step that idea on some of my blocks. I also love the apple; thank you for telling us the line it is from. Fabulous blocks!

  2. Love the Anne block! I agree it makes a cute quilt on it's own. I could see small red or gingham red yoyo for the center of each motif!

  3. Wow, they're both stunning, but I think Anne makes a terrific quilt...may be tempted to try it.

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  5. Love the "Anne" block and isn't it wonderful as just one quilt! Such movement!

  6. Great blocks, I think Anne is one of my favourites in the whole book and it helps to see it tiled, love your choices for April- it's got a great table cloth look!

  7. Your blocks are each a work of art. When I start my own, I will be using your palette as inspiration. Charming!!!

  8. Your blocks are just stunning! Great fabric choices.

  9. You have made such wonderful blocks with cheery colors! Love your fabric choices! Great job!!

  10. That Anne block would make a great quilt, putting them together, like your picture. I think I'd want to make the blocks bigger, tho. I'm not into tiny blocks.

  11. Your pieces is so accurate. Love your fabric choices.


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