Anna Blouse in Kokka Camera Fabric

 Happy Wednesday!

I have some fun sewing to share today.
I have been working away on the instructions for my Anna blouse and making another short sleeve sample to help me write the instructions.  This project has been going on for - dare I say - a year, yikes!  It has been quite the learning curve with the hardest part grading the pattern on my IMac using Adobe Illustrator (turning the size 10 into size 2-18)!  My experience is drawing in Illustrator so it took some time to learn how to grade the pattern.
I am so excited to finish because I have ideas for so many more garment patterns I want to make.

I was going to use photo instructions for sewing the blouse together, but after asking my IG friends their preference between photos and illustrations, the overwhelming vote was illustrations.   
It takes more time but I think the results are worth it : )

I purchased this adorable Kokka Camera Fabric a few months ago and am so excited to put it to use.
It is a gorgeous shade of blue - a beautiful turquoise blue.
You can find it on sale here!    So sorry, it is sold out.  If I find a source I will update this post.
The scale is fairly small - cameras are about 1"  - 1 1/2", so it is a perfect fabric for quilty projects too.

I have been working on my "Scrappy nine Patch" and have decided to add a rather interesting border so this will not be done any time soon.  I think it will be worth it though - spending a little extra time to get the exact look I want!


  1. I'm still looking forward to this pattern! It must be very tricky--you should be proud!

    1. Thanks Amy : ) I am so close!!! I think I will be able to send to you in Feb - hopefully the first part of February!

  2. This looks like a great every day blouse. Looking forward to the pattern.

  3. I'm so excited for the pattern Charise!!

  4. I like this Anna blouse so much. I want to make it. Let us know when it's ready.

  5. I love the blouse style and the fabric. That is one I would love to make.

  6. I really like your Anna Blouse and would love to buy the pattern when you have it ready to sell. Love the camera fabric too - I hope you find a source and let us know where we can get some. (Also love the bags that you have just made too - is there a pattern in the works for that - hope so)
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com


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