Vintage Block Quilt Along ~ Petal Circle ~ Block #12

Today I am sharing the last block in my Vintage Block Quilt Along.
It has been a longer journey that I planned - thanks for your patience : )
I'm very happy with the way all the blocks have turned out!

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I wanted the last block to have a flower feel so I though this block called "Petal Circle in a square" from the Kansas City Star was just perfect.

Petal Circle
adapted from a Kansas City Star Block a tutorial by Charise Creates

Download the pattern HERE

Materials - a F4 (18" x 22") or large scraps will work perfectly
A - Yellow Print
B - Light Ground Print
C - Light Ground Print
D - Red Print
E - Light ground print or solid

Notion and Supplies
Fine sewing pens
Fabric marking pen or pencil
Spray Starch
Sewing Machine
Light colored Thread - I like 100% cotton
Acrylic ruler for truing up the block (I like a 12 1/2" square ruler)
Rotary Cutter  

8 - A - Yellow Print
8 - B - Light Ground Print
4 - C - Light Ground Print
1 - D - Red Print
4 - E - Light ground print or solid ** Cut the straight outside edges about 1/4" larger than the pattern to give you a little extra which will be trimmed when the block is finished.

~All seam allowances are 1/4" 
Finished Size:
12" finished / 12 1/2" unfinished

Sew the outer circle together - A to B

1)  Lay out A and B as the finished block.

2) Place A right sides together with B.  Pin at the top matching points.  Pin at the bottom 1/4" up from the bottom curved edge of A.

3) Gently pull the edge of B to match A and pin in place.

4) Stitch the seam.  Repeat 1 - 4 for the other side.  Continue around until you have a circle made up of pieces A and B.   Press.

Sew the inner circle together C to D.

5) Fold C in half and crease.  Fold D in half and crease.

6)  Place the C to D right sides together matching crease.  Pin in place with D facing you.  Pin each end.
Pin again between the center and end pin.  Stitch seam with D wrong side facing you.  Repeat for the other sides.  Press.

7) Fold the center circle in half as pictured making a crease line at the end of each fold line.  Place the creases to the outer circle as show with right sides together and pin in place.  Match the center of the red "X legs" to the center of the petals as shown, right sides together and pin in place.
With the wrong side of the outer circle facing you,  stitch around the circle. (See pic in step 9)  Press.

8)  With right sides together, stitch the short end of E together.  Repeat for the other 3 sides.  Fold the inner circle in half than half again marking creases at the edges.  Fold the outer circle in the same way creasing at the inside edges.  
Match the creases on the inside circle and border with right sides together.

9) Pin at the crease marks and again between each pin, gently pulling the border E to meet the raw edges of the inner circle.  Stitch seam.  Press.

True up the block to 12 1/2".

Yay! You have completed the last block in the Vintage Block Quilt Along!


  1. I really love this block! It's been great fun challenging myself with all the curved pieces in so many of these vintage blocks, and I can hardly wait to finish this quilt so I can enjoy using it. Thanks so much, Charise :)

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