Enjoying July.....

It has been a wonderful summer so far.  The weather has been beautiful and the temperature has been in the 80's and low 90's the past few weeks.  The boys and I have been to the beach, the pool and have been hanging out enjoying the beautiful summer! 
 I have found some time to work on a few projects here and there : )

I have wanted to make a quilt with the pattern from my Summer Blossoms blocks from my Vintage Block quilt along.
After reading this blog post, I purchased some drunkard's path acrylic templates and purchased new blades for my 18mm rotary cutter.  I'm pleased with where this quilt is going.  I'm using 5" blocks so each flower is just under 20".  It has been sewing together extremely fast ~   I've spent most of the time on this picking out fabrics.  

My Jam Jars and Fruit pattern is close to being finished! 
I've included a cherry block as well as a lemon block.   

This pattern has been on the "to do" list since I made the original block for Ayumi in the Ringo Pie Quilting bee on Flickr almost two years ago!

Spending time with the boys has been tops on my priority list.  At just 7 and almost 11, I don't have too many years left......trying to enjoy every one I have with them  : )

Wishing you lovely summer days with your family and friends!


  1. Very pretty blocks! And I'm loving those jam jars and fruit blocks. Something I'd like to make:)

  2. Beautiful blocks, and I just love your jam jars!! So sweet!! Happy summer! xo Heather

  3. I loved the time when my kids were 8 & 11 - so much fun. (They're 35 & 38 now!)

    I love your work and fabric choices. My embroidery skills are non existent so I can never make anything that requires that kind of embellishment. Yours is quite pretty though.

  4. Hi Cherise,
    You do lovely work always; but the most important passion in life are the children! You've beautiful children and yes, time is shorter than any of us like to think. My children are 19, 21, and 25. I really enjoyed them and made them the center of my life and now they are college grads and the younger one is away at college (working). I surely miss them, but I do have all the good times and crazy memories! The future is sure to be filled with more life, love, and laughter. Enjoy your life! hugzzzzzz

  5. Your rounded edges look great! Love what happy bright colors you work with!


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