Work in Progress Wednesday

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  I hope you moms had a lovely mother's day.  
 I was treated to hand baked lavender lemon scones and then a trip to downtown Seattle and the Miro exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.  All in all a very lovely day!

My dad's birthday is tomorrow and I decided to make him a basket for his drawing supplies.  I did a little snooping in his art studio and his pens and pencils were in a disposable plastic container! The horror : ) 
I remembered that Ayumi has a tutorial on her blog for a fabric tray and I had to give it a try.  The tutorial is great - super fast project and makes such a great gift!
I added interfacing to the outside fabric and some twill tape loops. I also used fusible fleece to give it a bit more body.  You can find the tutorial [here]  The tutorials are pictured on the right hand side of Ayumi's blog  ; )


I've been working a bit on my project for the RJR supreme solids blog hop.  I love the fabric quality and the colors are lovely.


I'm still working on my pack patch mini quilt along blocks.  
One of the themes was to make two blocks - one inspired by April and the other by May.
My May block was inspired by the beautiful red and yellow roses that bloom in my garden starting in May..
It was so much fun to pick the first bouquet from my garden and see that the blocks match my roses perfectly!



  1. I couldn't find the tutorial, just her blog, and even with a search for fabric tray, it didn't come up.

  2. It took some googling, but I found the tutorial.


    She has a very nice blog! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Tutorials are on the right hand side of Ayumi's blog : )

    1. Charise,

      I didn't even think to look on the side. LOL! I looked across the top and then just figured I would google it. That will teach me to not look harder....now I feel like one of my kids "I don't see it anywhere, Mom"....when it is right in front of them!



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