Work in Progress Wednesday - Riley Blake Challenge at the MQG and a little Downton Abbey

I love a design challenge - they push me creatively and take me out of my comfort zone!  
When I received the fabric for the Riley Blake Challenge hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild, I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone.  
If you read my blog you know I am attracted to 1930's feedback fabric and Japanese Zakka design.  My favorite colors are yellow, red, aqua and pink -very fun and sweet colors.

The fabric for this challenge is modern, bold, and contains a color I rarely work with - Orange!
I thought and thought about a project but the fabric was not speaking to me - until - a week before the project challenge due date!  

I decided to design a purse using the fabric to make a chevron pattern.  I ran out of the orange fabric so I subbed the yellow dot for the other side of the purse.   Much to my surprise, the orange fabric was my favorite.  It adds such energy to the blues and grays!  
I added the Riley Blake telephone fabric from my stash which can be found at Sew Me a Song. 

I'm also working on a project for Stitch Magazine's "The Unofficial Downton Abbey Sews".  Today's focus is on pattern making and finishing : )

Head on over to Freshly Pieced and share your Work in Progress : )

Wishing you a lovely day!


  1. I love orange :) The telephone fabric is great!

  2. Hi! Your bag Project looks beautiful! Great idea how to use those beautiful Fabrics. The blouse with lace is also so beautiful! I use very much orange and turquoise - yellow has been 'strange' for me but now I really like it. Greetings from GREECE! x Teje

  3. Beautiful fabric combinations - love them! I love challenges that take me outside my comfort zone - and it seems they work well for you, too! :)

  4. I love your Riley Blake Challenge! I fear mine is rather boring. I did add some more orange, a solid, and some turquoise, be cause nothing says modern like turquoise! I did think about mine for ages and ages before I got to piecing. Now, I have to take a picture before the deadline. With this weather... I don't know how that will happen.

  5. I love how those chevrons look! Such fabulous colors and patterns. Way to go. Good way to take a challenge and turn it into a triumph.

  6. Love the fabrics in your Chevron and the Shirt Looks fantastic!

  7. Your Riley Blake bag is going to be fabulous!!! I am still working on my challenge project and hope to have it done in time!! Down to the last hours now!!!


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