Secret Drawer - Vintage Block Quilt Along #9

Below you will find the instructions to make the next block in the Vintage Block
quilt Along - The Secret Drawer from the Kansas City Star, circa 1930.

I love this block and I think it is my favorite so far, thought I feel that way about each of these vintage blocks : )  After completing this block you will be a Y seams expert!  The are not as hard as they look and I will give you tips for success!

OK....lets get started:

Pattern for piece B can be found [Here]

Fabric: all pieces include a 1/4" seam allowance
Cut 1 - A  4 3/4" Print Center Square
Cut 8 - B Background Fabric
Cut 8 - B Spool Fabric
Cut 4 - C  2 5/8" squares for center spool
Cut 2 - D  5 1/8" squares background fabric, then cut these squares diagonally to make 4 triangles
Cut 2 - E  3 7/8" squares background fabric, then cut these squares diagonally to make 4 triangles

100% cotton thread
Marking pencil or pen
See thru ruler
Rotary cutting supplies

All seam allowances are 1/4"

Tip for Cutting Piece B.
Cut 1 9/16" strips and lay piece B on the strip cutting the diagonal seam with you rotary cutter.

Create the spools:

1)  Mark the center spools C 1/4" from each edge and 1/4" from raw edge.   I like to draw a seam line and make marks for the 1/4" point.
Place B spool right sides together with C inside spools.  Pin in place
***In order to make sure both pieces are centered, I fold both pieces in half and create a crease mark.  Match the crease on B to C to insure they are placed correctly***

2) Stitch the seam, stopping 1/4" from beginning and end of seam.  If you go over the mark (like I did on the top left) use your seam ripper to remove the stitches.
Repeat for the other side.  Press seams open.

3) Place piece B - background fabric to Piece C right sides together.  Pin in place.

4) Flip over the spool and stitch the seam starting and ending at the previous stitching, 1/4" from edge.  Start 1 stitch inside the previous stitching line.  Again, if you stitch into the previous seam, use your seam ripper to remove the stitches.
Repeat for the other side.

5) Place the diagonal edges of both B pieces right sides together and pin in place.
Start stitching 1 stitch away from the previous stitching back tacking at ends.  Repeat for the other side of the spool.

6)  Press seams towards the dark pieces.
Repeat for the opposite side.

7) Your finished Spool with look like this.  Repeat steps #1-6 for the other three spool blocks.

 Assemble the block

8) Lay out your block as pictured.
Stitch together Row 1.  Stitch together Row 2.  Stitch together Row 3.
Stitch row 1 to 2.  Stitch Rows 1/2 to 3.  Attach the top and bottom corners.

Yay!!!!  you are done!!
Easy, peasy, lemon squeaky - as my 6 year old would say!  : )

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer your questions!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Gorgeous malorgeous is what this block is. Thank you so much.

  2. I love when you do these tutorials -- everything is so much easier to understand with your clear PICTURES! So, basically that wonky seam gets sewn in three steps and each one is nice and flat while you're sewing it? I always thought you had to fold the top fabric and have it sticking up somehow while you sewed a Y seam all in one pass. Leaving that little bit at the end of the seam open sounds like something I might be able to do. Thank you!

  3. Looking forward to working on this again. Thank you.

  4. As a new quilter, I am incredibly grateful for photos! Thanks, and this block is adorable.

  5. I love this block! Thank you for the tutorial!

  6. I'm working on this series and find that the site to receive the pattern piece B for Secret Drawer #9, has been disabled. Is there another way to access this much needed pattern piece? I'm really enjoying this wonderful set of Vintage Quilt patterns.
    Thank you, Deborah

    1. I clicked on the link and it worked fine.....not sure why you are having trouble downloading.
      The pattern piece is hosted on drop box.

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