Work in Progress Wednesday

Thought I would share a few WIP's.  This one is a sneak peek of a submission I'm working on for Stitch Spring 2014.  The fabric is Melody Miller's Ruby Star Vinyl which I adore!!!! Becca at Sew me a Song still has this print in Stock!
The project is a bit of a departure for me - very sleek and modern : )

Last night I worked on some hexie hand sewing.  I always forget how much I enjoy it.  Nice to have something to work on late at night or outside during the summer!!!  I'll be doing some more hand sewing this evening while watching the first two episodes of Season 2, Game of Thrones!
 Happy almost 4th of July my North American friends. I think we may actually have a sunny Fourth here in Seattle, Wa. It pretty much always rains on the 4th of July in Seattle so I am over the moon!


  1. Happy fourth to you too and to our country! Our weather certainly has been wonderful here. I'm just north in the Bellingham area. Our sunshine and warm weather is supposed to continue through next week. I'm heading out tomorrow for boating in the San Juans!

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  3. Love Stitch and looking forward to your project.
    We're having a sunny day here in Portland, OR too ~ it's cool this morning and expecting 79 degrees today.


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