I'm in Love.....

OK... this is a bit embarassing but I'm referring to my new i-pad mini.  I have been waffling for so long and probably one of the last people to get a "smart" device.  Instagram pushed me over the edge.  Sadly Flickr is quiet and many of my Flickr friends have headed over to instagram.  Flickr is great for organizing photos and is the place I met most of my lovely quilting and sewing friends! It is a wonderful tool for groups and quilt alongs.   I'm not abandoning Flickr but I do love the community and sharing on Instagram.  Pls visit me there - you can find the link to my account on the right hand side of my blog - I'm @charisecreates.  Here are a few pics I've taken on Instagram and shared in the past few days..........

I'm almost finished with these pouces for a class at Drygoods Design.  The left one is finished. The one on the right is basted, just need to stitch the frame to the pouch with some bright red perle cotton embroidery floss!

My quilt came back from Quiltmaker Magazine - so happy to have it home!!
I'm adding another border on my "Color burst" quilt!  It is getting too big for my design wall!!
I hope you are enjoying the summer!


  1. sadly I don't have that capability and will have to comment on your blog and on the flickr site. Still following your posts and your quilt a long.

  2. Grrrr. Instagram only support iOS and Android. No WinPhone 8. The color burst is gorgeous! Have you used any of that new fabric we got on Saturday?

  3. Well you are ahead of me, I don't have any kind of smartphone yet:) Lovely purses and quilts!

  4. LOL - you are not the last. I don't have a smart phone or a tablet or.... I do have a basic Kindle though!

  5. No instagram, smart phone, no mobile phone signal even here!

    Your purses are beautiful and colour burst is gorgeous - are you adding all the rows first - then stitching the octogon together?

  6. I love those little purses!!! I thought I was following you on Instagram, but I wasn't :( I just added you now =D Your quilts are beautiful! I love them both!!

  7. How is it that your photos on Instagram have beautiful color, when almost all of the other ones I've seen on blogs are strange in color? Is it a setting people choose? That's what's been keeping me away from Instagram up until now.

  8. Love the triangle quilt. I can't find a tute for it here. What shape/size triangles are they? Thank you!!

  9. Do you have a tutorial or pattern for your color burst triangles quilt? Thank you, Camille


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