Sunday Stash - Estate Sale Edition

Actually this post should be called - "Sunday stash, I have a great husband, and the loot you can get for $5 at a garage sale!"
Yesterday at almost 5:00 p.m. my hubs called me from a garage sale.  He was enroute to picking up our son at a friends house.  "You have to see this" he said!  "There is a garage of fabric and notions here".  He told the person running the garage sale that I am a seamstress and would be on my way over!
I was shocked......my husband was supporting my habit! We live in a very small house (950 s.f. not including the basement and thank goodness for the basement) and there are boxes of fabric in our closet, in our bedroom and they make their way into the living/dining room (aka "the studio") when I am working on a project which is pretty much daily!  So, the fact that he let me know about the sale and encourage me was so sweet!

Most of the fabrics were very 1970's and not my style, and lots of wools and garment making fabrics.
The boxes were stacked on every wall in her studio which was a 2 car garage.  Needless to say,  I was a bit overwhelmed and looked specifically for cotton fabrics.  I could have spent hours there but they were wrapping up for the day and I had to move quickly.

In a box marked "aprons" I found the three prints above.  I also found about 4 yards of eyelet!  Everything was $1 per pound.

I just happened to have this Suzuko Koseki on my table and I think the trim is smashing with it.  I'll have to try and figure out a project to marry the two.
Not super exciting but very useful tiny pin dot and a fun retro floral.
I was so happy to find these.  The "Stitch n Patch Quilts" is a 1976 leaflet and has some great quilt patterns.  The "Quilts" booklet is from the 40's!  You have to love the covered button kits for .39 and .40 cents.

All in all I'm proud that I was able to restrain myself : )
I left feeling that I need to use the fabric I have however precious it may seem.    I certainly don't want to have a 2 car garage full when I'm too old to sew : )



  1. It seams, he is very proud of what you do :-) -so sweet of him to let you know about this treasure Garage...

  2. You are so right about having that fabric hanging around when we're not! What a treasure trove it must have seemed! Love the yellow floral!

  3. Oh what finds! I have the Susan Johnson from a thrifty trip too, the 40s booklet looks stunning!

  4. Gorgeous finds! It sounds like your house is just like mine. Fabric sneaking into every nook and cranny and surrounding the dining table (also my "studio")! And it would be a very big deal if my hubs found me fabric to buy like yours did. What a man! I agree entirely about using your precious fabric too. I work with elderly people and have met several ladies with gorgeous patchwork proudly on display in their homes. Much more special to leave those wonderful pieces of handiwork behind than piles of fabric! Can't wait to see what you make with your treasures :)

  5. What fun finds and lovely husband you have!
    I've got a fairly small home and I have lots of furniture and 'things' ~ along with all my crafty stuff including all my sewing things. It can get to be a real mess sometimes. I'm with you about using what I've got, but sometimes it's so hard when I see all the wonderful fabric that's being produced.

  6. What a nice husband.
    You do know that 'she who has the most fabric, wins?"

  7. Great finds! Wish my husband was like that, he just speeds up when he sees any type of fabric/quilt store :(

  8. What a great garage sale to come across and it was super of your husband to call you and tell you about it. I admire your restraint. I am much better about that than I used to be. I love the trim you found.


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