A post about finishing....

Ok...I'll have to say I'm writing this post because lately I'm having a really hard time completing some Works in Progress.  I'm hoping this post will give me the push to finish them : )
The first is this creamer that was going to be a part of my strawberrries in a bowl pattern.  But I decided to keep the creamer separate and add a sugar bowl companion to this one instead.  So close......the sugar bowl is hand sketched and ready to draw in the computer!

This handbag was finished last year.  It is the large version of the small gathered versions for Stitch magazine.  Instructions are written, pics taken.....just need to trace the pattern on Illustrator!
I love the combo of the DS Flea Market Fancy and the Melody Miller print!

This is a new WIP - shame on me!  I love my Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics and thought this would be a good design for it.  This is the first version or my "muslin" and I have some changes I want to make but I do like where this is going!

I also want to make it in these fabrics - more beautiful Liberty Lifestyle with some sparkly linen!

And these!

I'm dying to finish this pattern.  It is a block I made for Ayumi in the Ringo Pie Bee last year.  I'm going to do a new version - same jam jars with the addition of some new fruit blocks.
And the pattern for this block is started- I just need an afternoon to make it a reality!
BTW - have you seen Ayumi's new book?  It is wonderful.  Hope to make a project from her book soon and share it with you!!!

OK.......Maybe now that I have put it down in print I'll actually finish some of these works in progress! 
I'd love to hear about you unfinished projects!  Have I inspired you to finish a few?
Have a great day!


  1. I always love all your work, but the pitcher is just the best!

  2. Oh, Charise, your designs are always fantastic! Now that you've tantalized us with these, please put us out of our misery by finishing the patterns, okay? The paper piecing ones are especially appealing to me... ♥♥♥

  3. Your patterns are fantastic! I look forward to seeing the "finishes" ! No pressure here...lol! Seriously take your time ...


  4. my little piles of things started but not finished are all. over. the house. i drive myself batty. and then i clean up the piles and get so inspired that i start new piles all over again. i think it is just the curse of the creative mind. i'm happy to see peeks of your work and i wish you luck in finishing some things :)

  5. Cannot wait for the jam jar pattern!!! Perfect pot holder! It is SO WONDERFUL!


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