New Shopping Tote and an Old Friend

Hope your end of summer is going well. The weather here in Seattle is beautiful.  High 60's and sunny!
I've had a creative block the past few days with a deadline looming - of course : )  I finally decided to take a little break and work on an unfished project.  The log cabins for this purse were started at least a month ago.
I decided to make a shopping tote from them.

I've never used this type of handle before. The construction was quite easy! 
Just the perfect size for trips to the fabric store   : )
Last week I had my Juki industrial sewing machine serviced. (My old friend)   It is not a small feat as the machine can't be moved so I had to wait to have a technician do a house call.  I missed her!!  She is a "high speed 1 needle lock stitch machine".  I purchased her over 20 years ago when I was in design school and needed an at home machine that could handle sewing a pair of jeans!!!  Yes..... that was one of my assignments in design school!
I'm excited to have her working again, though she is fast and will take a little while to get used to! 
Have a lovely day!


  1. Charise, you should have heard the loud, "Oh!" I uttered when I saw this. It's splendid! I've never used that type of handle before, either, but it's brilliant for such a bag. And it looks like you sewed the tabs on when you sewed the binding onto the right side, correct? Totally yummy!

  2. What a gorgeous bag! Love the handles x

  3. I love that bag Charise - you have such a great eye for fabric and fabric combinations! Cool handles too! Glad to hear that your machine has lasted 20 years as I'm thinking of getting a Juki soon.

  4. Such a gorgeous bag Charise. I love the fabrics you've used together. So pretty. And the handles are fantastic!

  5. Oh, that handle is perfect! I will have to look for some like that. The bag is so sweet. I can't even fathom sewing a pair of jeans. I would be so afraid of a needle snapping and flying into my eye!

  6. I know many quilters swear by their Jukis and an industrial model must be so powerful! Industrial machines have such a long life too, Lovely bag too!

  7. Oh, I just love your sweet new tote!!! Those quilt as you go log cabins are infinitely useful!

  8. Great tote! I have a question about your Juki machine. Can you use it for free motion quilting as well, or just straight stitch?

    Have a great day.

  9. Where do you find your hardware? I love that handle, and have been looking for a good shop.


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