National Sewing Month

I'm so excited to be a guest on Heather's blog - The Sewing Loft - for The National Sewing Month series - "Favorite Sewing Tools".
Be sure to head on over and check out the post on my favorite tool for paper piecing!

Fine Sewing Pins

My "can't live without" tool for paper piecing are fine sewing pins. I use Clover brand, but as long as they are very fine they will do the job!

Head on over to see how I use fine pins to match my seams!!



  1. She must not have your guest post up yet. I hope I can remember to look again later-I'm the worst at matching seams. I mean it.

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  3. Charise, I am so happy to have you! I just adore your work and your creative style.

    Gale, the post was up and live at 8:30 this am. Maybe have another look see. Charise did a great job sharing tips and tricks!


  4. u are the master of paper piecing; your seams and piecing so sharp. i am envious. gorgeous gorgeous.


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