Living in God's Open Air

" If this question put by THE FARMER'S WIFE had been asked me fifty or even twenty years ago, I am sure I should have said No. But no position in life has changed so much this last fifty years, as the standing of the farmer's wife.
I could give you a hundred reasons for saying yes. I would have her marry a farmer because there she has the chance of living in God's open air, of living a pure life, away from the meanness of a rural town, and the petty thing they make so much of and away from the temptations of a big town."
Mrs. J. E. F.
Valley County, Mont.
So I've decided to approach the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along in a different fashion. I was doing the blocks in numerical order but was not reading the letters which is really an integral part of the book and the quilting blocks and is honestly the best part of making this quilt. The author, Laurie Aaron Hird, designed blocks to correspond with a particular letter. So, going forward, I will do the blocks and share an excerpt from the letter that corresponds with the block!!

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