More Summer Sewing

We have been having a heat wave in Seattle and
I've been hiding in the house sewing the past few days!
I hate to complain as I would much rather have the sun and heat than rain!!

These pants are version #2 of the Huck Finn pants from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. I took the basic pant pattern and added a few pockets and the cuffs. I also added adjustable elastic - the kind with buttonholes can now be purchased af the fabric store. (I think it has been available for awhile.) I love this pattern and promise I'm only working on one more for the summer though I may make some in corduroy this Fall!

Back to my sewing machine and fan!


  1. Ok, I must say I'm just a tad bit jealous of you getting to blog, make pretty gardens and OH SO adorable clothes and so when are you going to start a kids clothing line? I want Miss Ella to have one of your pretty frocks.
    :) We're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!!

  2. wow - i ACTUALLY could see myself putting my son in these cute little pants. i always struggle a little with handmade boys clothes, but these turned out great.


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