Modern and Vintage Fabric

Today I started a new pattern for a bag/purse I've had in my sketch book for a while.  It is based on a clutch / coin purse I will be sharing very soon.
 I was looking through some fabrics and these two just happened to be in boxes next to each other.

I just love the way the Denyse Schmidt  Flea Market Fancy looks with the Melody Miller Print.  The colors are so perfect for Fall!   I love a happy accident!!
About a month ago I was browsing Ebay for feed sacks.  I love to do this but try to keep it to a minimum - a very addictive practice!!
I happened upon a seller who had about a dozen separate feedsack lots.  The lots were from four sacks up to 80 something!  I purchased two of the lots -  on the small side. 
 The Ebay seller's pictures were average at best so I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting.  To my surprise they turned out to be  wonderful.  They are 10 lb feedsacks so when the are opened they are about 18" x 24".
I've spent the past few days washing them. Many still have their labels attached!
My plan is to keep a few with the labels on  -  they are really cool.
This is by far my favorite sack.  The printing is from the label printing.  In the process of printing on the label, it was missed so the lettering made it on to the feed sack!! 
Don't you wish they still sold flour and sugar in fabric feed sacks??


  1. What a great find! you must have been squealing when you opened these out!

  2. the feed sacks are lovely- i must have a look if you don't mind

  3. Oh, I would love it if they still sold flour and sugar this way! I would bake more just to get the sacks!

  4. Very pretty prints! Yes, it would be great if they still sold flour this way. But I doubt we will ever see it happen :(

  5. Look forward to seeing your new pattern, Charise! And yes, it would be so great if they still sold staples in cloth sacks. Maybe with people and companies trying to go a bit more green it'll happen. We could start a movement to push for it... :)

  6. I actually saw flour in printed cloth sacks at the grocery store a couple of years ago - but they wanted something like $15 for a five pound bag. WAY too much for me to justify spending!


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