Sunday Stash Vintage Edition

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Mine was very busy - out in the yard.  Lots of yard work and my hubs finally painted our front porch.  Woo Hoo!!!!  Nothing like a little 4th of July party to motivate one to get the house in order : )

Today's Sunday stash is a find from a local thrift store - Value Village.  I rarely find anything there - it is in a busy area of Seattle and picked over.
  I did find vintage flea market fancy - green leaves - before the reprint ages ago.
I love this retro 70's fabric.  Very Marcia Brady : )  I think it would be a cute hand bag or tote.
The Fire King baking dish was also a lucky find!  A good day at Value Village.

[Left - New Ball jar, Right - Vintage Ball Jar]
I was reading the latest Country Living and spied this page.  Ball jars are now available in blue!
I have a small collection of vintage jars and I adore them.  They hold my thread and I just love the beautiful turquoise color.  Country Living has a link to an online store but I did an online search and found them at my local Ace Hardware store.  The new jars are definitely brighter and smaller than the vintage ones (New on Left, Vintage on Right ) but I think they will be perfect for storing buttons and the like! They are also about $2 a piece!!!
I thought it would be fun to show you my "photography studio".  Inspired by Lynne of Lily's Quilts - she shared hers on Instagram.  I was pleasantly surprised to see she uses a similar method for her blog photos!  I use a piece of white poster board which I tape to the back of the chair.  I set it up in the SW corner of my house which has the best light.  It works wonders when you have little space for photograpy!  I also love to use picmonkey to brighten up my photos - definitely a must for grey Seattle photo shoots : ) 
Hope your weekend was lovely !!!


  1. Ohhh I like the poster board method! I've been using the heavier poster board and I always get a line where the seams meet. I love your vintage finds =D

  2. Try a light gray - a little softer than the harsh white.
    I do something similar -- gray Oregon days.
    I use white foam core that I place two plastic clamps on so it sits upright. If you have two you can direct that nice window light back on your subject matter.

  3. I get the best photos about 7 am, but I'll have to try your method on a rainy day (which we've had a lot of lately).

  4. That is fantastic!! Thanks for sharinig!! I will be giving you credit when my photos are looking so much better!!


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